Wisin & Yandel, Sech || Ganas de Ti || Video

Ganas de Ti Video
Ganas de Ti Video

Ganas de Ti Video

Si Supieras Rappers, está de regreso nuevamente con otra exitosa banda sonora, Ganas De Ti Video es un ícono de lo que estos dos raperos son capaces de hacer,

Con Sech The Singer, Sech hizo muy bien en la canción y también en el video. Al ver el video, habla sobre el amor, cómo comenzó desde la infancia y cuán poderoso puede ser el amor en la vida.

En el video Sech Se usó un ícono Disfrute viendo el video Ganas De Ti, comparta en el cuadro de comentarios lo que piensa sobre el video.

Steps To Get Over A Break Up Fast

Steps To Get Over A Break Up Fast
Steps To Get Over A Break Up Fast

Steps To Get Over A Break Up Easily | Move On And Don’t Get Stuck In

Relationship Is One Of The Best Things Anyone Can get Involved It, Just As the Bible Say Love Is The Greatest law, Not Only Being The Greatest Law, It Also the Most Powerful Attraction.

But Sometimes Love Or Relationship Can be So Frustrating And Heartbreaking. This Is Really Insane, When We Find out Self Get Hurt By Those people We truly Love, Sometimes This Makes Us To Give up On Love and Never To Love Again. But You Don’t Have To Think That Way.

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The Reason Am Writing This Article Is To  Help Those Who Feel They Can’t Leave Without This Person That Actually Broke up With Them, My Dear You Just Killing Yourself, Why Would You Actually Keep Thinking Of Someone Who Those Not Really Value Your Worth. Why Do You Stay In Bondage Crying All Night Wishing They Would Come To You, Don’t Do That Am Begging You Cause, be Honest With You? It Doesn’t Worth You Shading tears.

Rather If You Feel You Can’t Get Over A Breakup Here Are Few Steps You Have To Take And believe Me, They Have worked For Me So Am Writing To You Also Believing That they Will Work For You, Only If You Stick To The Steps.

1.  You Have To Reset Your Mind

Resetting Your Mind Is The First process To Take After A Breakup, By That I Mean, You Have To Open Up Your Mind To Let Everything You And Your partner Shared Go Away, It Hard I Know, But For You To Move On With Your Life You Have To This.

You Have TO Make Sure You Rest Your Mind, Making Things Looks Like They Never Existed In Your Life, By Doing This You Will Just Go Back To Your Life, And Even More Better Than Before.

Don’t Think About Them, Let Them Come Into Your Mind Once In While, And If Anything Around You Reminds You Of Them, Try To Get Over Of It, By Thinking Something Different Or Do This “Think Of How You Will Be In the Next Five Years, With Your Car And Kids, Then You Imagined How You Will See Them When You Have Made It.

If You Do This Then You Are Kicking Them Off Your Heart And Life And Making Them Looks Like Someone Who Actually Doesn’t Know Your Value, By That I Mean You Don’t Care About Them Anymore.

So Rest Your Mind Now.

2. Take Off Everything That Reminds You Of Them

Yea That Right, I Never Said Take Off Some Things, I Said Everything, Cloths, Gift, Anything At All Take Them Off, You Know I Had To Say This Cause At Some Point When You Have Done Resting Your Mind You See Those Things That Your Partner Gave You, Makes You Feel To Go Back Or To Go Beg Them To Come Back Into Your Life.

Who Those That “I mean Begging Someone To come Back or Stay In My Life” You Can Be Serious, Don’t Even Try That, Cause You Are Begging Someone Who Did Not See Your Worth before The Work Out Of Your Life.

So You Going To beg Them Is Not a Good Idea, They Might Actually Want To Accept you Out Of Pity, And That Means They Can hurt You Even More Than They Did Before, Having It In Mind That You Came back Begging Them. So Try To Avoid The Temptation Of Going Back To Beg,  By Taking Off Everything That Reminds you Of Them, If It Is To burn Them Do it, Just Make Sure They Don’t Come Into Your Head Ever Again.

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3. Find Something Doing

Having It In Mind As Your Partner Broke Up With You, I Really Can’t Say All But Majority Will Want To See Your Downfall, At This Point Make Them Regret Ever leaving You In This First Place By Finding Something To Do, Something That Will Get You Closer To Your Dreams, This Also Will Make You Meet New Friends, New People That Add Value TO Your Life.

But What Will Happen if You Choose To Stay Down All All Because he or She left You, They Will Laugh At You And Say “Look At My Ex, Am Glad I Broke up The Relationship”. Well, It The truth Cause That What They Will Say.

But If You Choose TO Get Back Up, Focus On Your Life, Plan Your Life, Here Is What They Will Say “God I never Knew He Or She Will be This great, I Wish I never Broke Up”. Yeah That What You Are Ought To Do So That Can Say Such.

Finding Something To Do Is Not Only making Your Ex Regret But It Also Making You Get To A Place You Ought To Be.

4. Try Not To Talk About Your Ex

For To To Completely get Over Your Ex, You Don’t Have TO Talk About Them To Anyone. By Doing This You Are Actually Trying Not To Spoil Your Day, Or You Don’t Want To Feel Bad.

Talking About  Your Ex May Actually Brainstorm You Of Those beautiful Moment You Guys Shared Together, On Christmas Night Out, And Those Wonderful Places You Guys Visited, This Alone Can make You Miss Them Or Make You Feel Bad. So To be On The  Save Side, Don’t You Talked About Them.

Another Reason You Don’t Have To Talk About Your Ex To Anyone Is That, Friends Might Actually Want To Talk You In To Go Back, Well As I Said Earlier This Is a Bad Idea.

Don’t Go Back To Your Vomit Period

5. Move On With Your Life

Moving On With Your Life Covers up Everything, Is Either You Choose To go Into Another relationship Or You Choose To Focus More On Your Life Than Looking For A Perfect Relationship (You Choose)

But If You Ask Me, I Have Been Into Several Relationship, I Have Dated A Girl For 5 years, Some Two years, While Other 1 years And some Few months,, But My last Relationship Was With a Muslim Girl, I Truly Loved This girl, But At A Certain Point, I Had To Reason My Future, Cause I Find Out That I Think Of her More Than I Think Of My Self And My Life, This made All My Friends Who Were Actually Making Something Meaningful out From Their Life Angry.

They Just Asked me One Thing Which I Can Never Forget They Asked “Do You Want To Stay In Relationship And Think Of Someone You Might Not End Up To Afford Paying For Her Pride Price, Cause if You Don’t Work Now, You won’t Be Able To  Pay Any Of That, Talk More Of Your Bills”

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These Words Hit me So hard That I Had To End the Relationship, Yes I broke Up, But At The Same Time I was hurting My Self, Cause I Did truly Love Her.

Today Am happy, Am very Happy To be Single, You Know Why?  Cause I Have Made My Self The Best Version Ever. In Other Words, I Moved On With My Life, making Something Meaningful Out of it.

So You Moved With Your Life, By Going Into Another Relationship, Or By Working On Your self YOU CHOOSE.

Thanks For Taking Your Time In Reading This Article. I Hope This Help You. Please Do Well To Share Also.

Dax || Book Of Revelation || Audio

Books Of Revelation Audio
Books Of Revelation Audio

Books Of Revelation Audio

It Dax!!! Dax The Best Rapper Of All Time, The Man Known By The Hot Track Dear God, The Man That Speak More Scene In His Music, The Man That We All Have Been Waiting For To Compete With Joyner Lucas And Good Rappers.

Dax Has Made It In The Right Way, This Rapper Talk More About Life, What Will be Like If We Do This, What is it Like Now, Books of Revelation (Audio) Dax Speaks Much About The Last Day.

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When God Will Sound The trumpet And Call For Judgement. He Asked So many Question In This Song, Question Like “What If We All Make It To heaven And We Don’t Even Enter The Gate of Heaven?, What If Satan Enters The Pastor Body And Rules The Church?” These Are Words We All Should Think About.

Enjoy The Books Of Revelation Audio From Dax.

Dax || Book Of Revelation || Video

Dax Book Of Revelation Video Mp4 Download
Dax Book Of Revelation Video Mp4 Download

Book Of Revelation Video

Dax Dax Dax!! The rappers best Known By The Hit Sound Track Has Just Released A Another Song Titled Book Of Revelation.  Dax Seems To talk More About Life, And God. 

Just Like The Soundtrack Dear God, If You Had to Listen To that Music, Remember Dax Said A Lot Of Things In That Song, It Actually.

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He Only Had To Let Out How He Feel About What is actually Going In The World, In The End, He Had To Say He Still Believes In God, Books Of Revelation (Video) The Final Day, Dax Said A lot In This Song. 

One of it Was “What If t The Devil Enter The pastors And leads The Church”, “What If We Make It To Heaven And Don’t Get Inside” What if We “What If We Get To The Gate And See God On The Other Side And Say We All Wasted Time” Dax He has Actually Reason To That Point. A thumps Up To The Books Of Revelation Video. 

How To Boost Your Self Esteem

How To Boost Your Self Esteem
How To Boost Your Self Esteem

How To Boost Your Self Esteem With The Following Steps

Today We Will be Talking about Self Esteem, But Here We Want To Share With You Of The Following Steps Which You Have To Take To Boost Your Self Esteem. It has Been Noticed That Majority Do Have Low Self Esteem, They Just Have This Mindset That They Worth Nothing. And This Actually Makes them They Don’t Open Up Or have a Say In Their Society. 

A Lot Of Students Have Low Self Esteem, To The Point, This Eat Them Up, That They Can’t Really Associate With Their Colleague. Well, Enough Is A Enough To That. It Time You Boost Your Self Esteem And By Doing This You Can Know Your Worth, And What You Are Capable Of. 

First You Have To Make Up Your Mind That No Matter What From Now Hence Forth You Will never Look Down On Your self, Or Better Still Have A Low Self Esteem. 

1. Find Something To Work On, And Make It Work

You May Say “What Is This Guy Talking About” If You Don’t Do Something And Look At It And Say “Oh My God Did I Just Do This” Then You Will Never Have A High Self Esteem. 

With That I mean Focus On Your Self, Make Your Self Better In Your Field For About 4-6 Month. Try To Do smothering That people Thinks It Impossible, Try To  Focus On Something Meaningful, Spend Most Of Your Time Meditating And Finding A Solution, Train Your Brain To Be Better, And Believe Me When You Do This People Will Come To You Without You Going To Them. 

And Friend, Your Just Won The Trophy Of  A High Self Esteem. 

2. Don’t Do What The Majority Does

In Today’s World People  Are Seen Doing Things Just So The Could Feel Among, You Must Not Feel Among To have a High Esteem, Never, Rather Be This Uncommon Person. 

By That I Mean. When People Are Having Fun Partying Or Getting Involved In Relationships That Bring Nothing But Destruction, You Make Sure That You See Your Self Doing Something Different. 

Take For Instance Your In A Society, Where People Smokes, Party, Or Fornicate, Everyone Seems TO Be Doing That And You Set Your Mine To Have this Self Discipline Not To Do What The Majority Dose. By Doing So, Everyone Eye Is On You, And You Might actually Impact Something Meaningful In Their Lives Without You Your Self Knowing. 

If You Do This Then Your Are Automatically Boosting Your Self Esteem. Check This Out If You Go To A Halloween party, And Everyone Was Asked To Dress Up Like An Halloween To That Party, Everyone did Dress According To What Was Asked Of Them, And Then You Showed Up With A Nice Dress. You Know What Will Happen Right, “All Eyes On You” 

That Just  What I Meant Don’t Do What They Majority Dose, And believe Me You Will Be Noticed, But Make Sure What Your Choose TO Do Is Actually Good. 

3.  Be This Type That Set Goals For The Future

Oh Yes Be The type That Focus More On The Future Than In The Past. Living In The Past Can Kill You, By That, I mean Living In The past Always Makes You Feel You Worth Nothing In Life, You Might Be This Type That Do Help People When They Are In Need, But Suddenly Along the Way, Something Bad Might Actually Happen To you in The Process Of Helping. 

Instead Of You Getting Over It And Keep On Being Good TO People And Help Those Who Needs Your Help, You Choose Not TO Help Anyone Ever Again, How Then Can You Tell me That With This Decision Of Your You Can Have A High Esteem, No You Won’t Period. 

But If You Choose To help people No Matter What They Might Have Done To You, Seriously Your won’t Only Have To Boost Your Self Esteem, You Are Also Boosting Your Respect Forever, Even When You Die, People Will Always Remember, And Say “Have Not Seen Such A Human In My Entire Life” 

Help People When You Are in Place To Help Them, And You Will See How Life Will Turn Around For You, 

4. You Have To Study Yourself

Studying Your Self Is The Biggest Favor You Ever Do To Your Own Self. Why Did I Say That?, I Wil tell You

If You Don’t Study Your Self, You Will Not Know Who You Truly Are. You Have To Study Your Self To Know What Right And What Wrong For you, What Good And What Bad For You, What To Eat At A Particular Time, And What Not To Eat. 

  You Have To Study Your Self, If You Don’t Know What Kind Of Person Your Are, You Edible To be Control My The Society And You can’t Have A Say In Your Life, In their Mind They Are Doing What best For You, Without You Even Knowing If What They are Doing Is Actually What best To You. 

You Have To Stand For Something Otherwise You Will have To Follow Others Like A Sheep.

5. You Have To Revisit Your Past

By That I Mean You Have To Learn From Your Past, Revisit Your Past through Your Mind, And Check What you Did That Was Not Right, Check How  You Treated People, Was It Right Or Wrong?, Check How Many Things You Did  That Actually Was Embarrassing To You And Your Family. 

After Doing That, Adjust Your self And Build A Wonderful Character That Will Shock People Around You, When They Think You Will Get Upset With What They Did To You, You Shook Them With Your Reaction. 

With That By My friend, You Are Boasting Your self Esteem 

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Truth About The Rap Industry

Truth About The Rap Industry
Truth About The Rap Industry

Truth About The Rap Industry | The Rap Industry Is Evil

Every Single Day We Have New Talented Rappers Coming Out,  Signing Several Big Record Deals That Changed Their Life Forever, This Record Deal offers Them Enough Money, Luxury Cards And Beautiful mansions. This Alone Drives The Artist Crazy.

Without Considering Or Thinking What  Actually They Are Getting Them Selves Into, They Rush In Signing The The Deal, And Boom They Are Rich. This Rappers never Thoughts On The Most Important Part That Comes With The Deal Offer. 

They Will Never See What is Coming Until They Are Into It, Sad Enough To Know And To Bring On The Facts That The Rap Industry Is An Evil Place. And It Will Be The Last Place Where You Will Ever Wish To Be On Earth. 

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How Is It An Evil Place? You May Want To Ask That, That Is The Most Reason Am Creating This Article So You Can Know What The Rap Industry Is All About. 

Firstly, Talking About Me, Am A Religious person, I Love God, I Love Christian Music, But At The Same Time, I Love Some Good Rap Music, I Love More Of  Electric Music, Yeah That Marshmello, Who Does Not Love marshmello Kinds of music?, Those Are Good Music In My Own Perspective. Not Only marshmello Music Thou, Alan Walker Music Too Are Good Music Which people, Can Listen To And Feel The Message It letting Out. 
But Wait, Are They Good Rap Music, You Can Listen To Without Hearing All Such of nasty Words And Corrupts Word, The Answer is Yes, They Are Good Rap music. For Example Dj Khaled Music, Listening To That Famous American Producer, You Can Testify That His Music Are Awesome, While Lil Wayne, Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi vert, Dadbaby, And Many Artist Who Sing Shit That Makes People Loos Their Life For Material Things Instead Of Motivating Them. 
These Rappers I Just Mention Have Got So Many Young People Or Upcoming Rapers, To Sell Their Soul  To The Devil, All because Of Money, Cars, Firm, And Many Material Things That Don’t Even Worth Your Life Talk More Of Your Soul.
The late XXX Tentancion, Once Said, Though This Young Rapper Was Living A Rough Life, He Said He Want  His Music To Create A Positive Vibe To His Fans, And People Who Listen To His Music. Talking About Bitches, Money, Cars, Stacks, And All Those Things That Doesn’t Matter, Makes Everyone including Me To Draw To Conclusion That The Rap Industry Is Evil. 
That Why Is Hard To Find Good Music Which Is Unleashed Recently To Appear In Billboard. It Very hard Before You Can See That. What Is The Secret? If You Ask Me, Seeing Dababy Songs Post Malone Songs, Even The late Juice WRLD Songs Appears On Billboard Severally Does Mean They Are Too Good, The Secret There Or Should I Say The Reason Why This Artist Music Appears On Billboard Within A Couple Weeks After it Has been Released, It Because These rappers Sold Their Soul For The Devil, To get All The Firm They Want.

How Rappers Sold Their Souls To The Devil

Here Comes The Question,  How Dose Rappers Sell Their Souls To The Devil? You Might Be Wondering How, I Will Tell You How. 

But First Have You Ask Your Self This Question Why Dose Majority Of Rappers Talks More About Hoes, Bitches, Cars And Money, Why Do They Show Off Their Luxury Things On Instagram To Their Fans instead Of Showing How They Are Going To Church or Things Related To God. 

The Same Way God Want Us To Do His Work, Is Just The Same Way Satan Known As The Devil Want Us To Do Things That Are Of Him. Obviously These Rappers Are Doing What The Devil Asked Them To Do, But What I Don’t Know Is, If They Are Aware of What They Are Doing Or If They Are Not In Their Normal Scenes, I Just Can’t Tell. 

Signing A Record Deal Is The Most Powerful Way Rappers Sell Their Sold Soul, Happiness And Joy To The Devil, That Why You Some Rappers Despite The Facts The Have All The Riches Given TO The By The Devil They Find No Happiness At All. They Are Kill Themselves And At A Point The Regret The Never Sign The Record Deal At All. 

Rappers In Our Generation Die very Young, Just Like XXX Tentancion, Juice WRLD, And Other Rappers Die At A Very Young Age, And Their Cause Of Death Ain’t Noting More Than Drugs, Suicide, Murder. 

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Cardi B And YFN Made  A Live Video Concerning How The Rap Industry Is Evil, How People Hate Behind Your Back And Smile At You When The See You, Cardi B Said She Is Really Scared Cause She Doesn’t Even Know Who Truly Loves Her, 

YK Osiris The Young American Rapper Who is Actually From Jacksonville Made A Video Of How Evil The Music Industry Can Be.

Right In The Video He Made Mention Of How People keep Saying That The Music Industry is A God Blessings Which he Clarifies That It Not A God Blessings rather It Is A Blessing From The Devil, This Young Artist Gain His Popularity With The Song Which Was A Freestyle Titled “I’m Next”.

Later On, He Then Added That God Does Not Like Those Artist Who Are In The Music Business, Also God Does Not Like Those Artist Who Always Talks About Cars, Cloth And Hoes, Which Really Got People Thinking What He Was Actually up to, Well The Music Industry Happens To Be A Dark Side Which Has Been Made Known By The Young Artist YK Osiris.

On The Other side, Cardi Also Made A Vidoe Concerning The Music Industry, Telling Her Fans How Evil This Industry Could Be, It Just So Sad To Hear Various Artist Talks About How Evil The Music Industry Could Be And The Blessing Which Is From The Devil, It Really Scaring Those Upcoming Artist Away, Who Have Dreams To Be In The Music Industry.

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Am Not Trying To Make This Article Looks A Religious Topic, But Looking At What YK Osiris Said, He Is Definitely Saying The Truth. The Rap Industry Seems To Push Up Songs That Talk About Killing, Drugs And All Of That Trash That Is Not Just Useful Just So People Out There Can Useless Their Lives

I Guess This Article helps You To Make The Right Choice In Life And Be Different, They Are Good Rap Musics Out There That Are Got Deep Meaning And Can Change Your Life Totally, Rappers Like Joyner Lucas, Dax And Many More Have Showed The World How Different They Can Be When It Comes To The Lyrics In Their Music.