6ix9ine Breaks Instagram Records With Rant

6ix9ine Rant Video: 6ix9ine Breaks Records Instagram Records

The 24-Year-Old Rapper Break Instagram Records, Hello There, Welcome To Ivorystreams A Austin August

6ix9ine Did A Live Video On Instagram On May 9, 2020, With A Rant Defending His Corporation With law Enforcement.

Surprisingly Enough The Live Video Racked Up Two Million Views, In Which He Made It Clear And Said He Understood Why People Hate Him For Being A Snitch. Then he Did Also Claimed To Be The Biggest Artist In The World.

6ix9ine Did Say A lot In The Video One Of It Is, He Said That Numbers To Lie And He Also Compared His Success With Other Artist Such As Drake, Which Made Him Said That He Is Living A Legend At The Age of 24.

The Video He Made lasted Upto 13 Min, The Most Important THing about The Video is That He Made It Clear To Everyone That He Agrees To Be A Snitch He Said:

I snitched, I rattled’ – before questioning: ‘But who was I supposed to be loyal to?
Where was the loyalty when you were trying to kidnap my mother? Where was the loyalty when you stole a million dollars from me? Where was that?
So who broke it first? I get it, don’t fight fire with fire. I’m sorry, but what did I do wrong? Be loyal to n****** who f*ckin’ my baby mums?

This Rant Came Through before he Unleashed His New Music Video Titled ‘Gooba‘ Which happens To be His First Music Video Since he Was Released From Pison Earlier April…

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