Burna Boy Said His Family Did Not Paved His Way To Success

Burna Boy Said His Family Did Not Paved His Way To Success

Burna Boy Said His Family Did Not Pave His Way To Success

The African Giant, Popularly Known As Burna Boy, Who Had Made His Way To The Top With So Much Hard Work And Dedication, Whereas People Are Talking About This Young Artist All Over The World, Seeing What He Has Delivered For His Fans, And His Kind Of Musics, Being That It Makes So Much Sense And Carries A Lot Of Meaningful Thoughts.

Burna Boy Was Well Known By This Sound Track All Eyes On Me Which The South African Rapper AKA, Featured Him In. This Song Was A hit One, Burna Boy Really Sound Like A Foreign Singer In This Song.

Speaking More About This Nigerian Singer, He Has Made History To Be The First Nigerian Artist To Be Nominated For The Grammy’s Award, Just So You Know I Must Say That Before You Can Be Actually Nominated For The Grammys Award, You Must Be Really Good,  And Burna Boy and His Music, Is Just An Icon.

Be that as it may, The African Artist Giant Said Something Earlier Today, Which Got A Lot Of People Angry And His Fans Too, As At 12:03 AM On Feb 16, 2020, Burna Boy Posted On Twitter Saying “I rehash. No one that isn’t Fela or My Family can EVER say they cleared any opportunity for me. Screw you!” In The First Place This Rude, And It Seems That He Is Angry, For individuals Including Fans Thinking That His Mom Did Actually Have An Affair With The late Fela.

Saying That He Act Like The late Fela, When news Came Across That His Mom Was The Secretariat To Fela. “Who Knows It Might Be True Or Could It Be A Lie?”, God Knows It All…

With What Burna Just Said, Fans Are Really Angry With Him, Saying That His Family Did Not Pave His Way To Success, This Just pride talk, If You Asked Him, Cause Without His Family Blessings He won’t Be Anywhere, Moreover Fans Allover The World Are The Major Source To His Success, Which Means That His Fans Are His Family Also.

Taking a gander At Comment To This Particular Tweet One His Fans Commented Mellow out, “Mr. Man, they prepared for you which you are profiting by them.” (Comment By I am Stunner) Another Said “Individuals love your tune yet despise your personality…That’s really awful brah.” Then Another Said “Everyone tumbles off in the long run and you’re not going to be a special case. How about we perceive how you respond when the cutting edge expels and minimizes your work. Roads no dey overlook” This Was One Of The Most Liked Comment, (Commented By The Irregular Show)

Individuals Seem To See Burna Boy Has Someone Who Lacks Manners, And Not Responsible In His Speech If You Ask Me, I Will Say Yes, Cause If Not For his Family And Fans, Nobody, I rehash Nobody Will Know Burna Boy…

So I Guess He Should Calm Down. And Give His Family and Fans The Respect They Deserve…


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