Dax Book Of Revelation Video Mp4 Download

Book Of Revelation Video

Dax Dax Dax!! The rappers best Known By The Hit Sound Track Has Just Released A Another Song Titled Book Of Revelation.  Dax Seems To talk More About Life, And God. 

Just Like The Soundtrack Dear God, If You Had to Listen To that Music, Remember Dax Said A Lot Of Things In That Song, It Actually.

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He Only Had To Let Out How He Feel About What is actually Going In The World, In The End, He Had To Say He Still Believes In God, Books Of Revelation (Video) The Final Day, Dax Said A lot In This Song. 

One of it Was “What If t The Devil Enter The pastors And leads The Church”, “What If We Make It To Heaven And Don’t Get Inside” What if We “What If We Get To The Gate And See God On The Other Side And Say We All Wasted Time” Dax He has Actually Reason To That Point. A thumps Up To The Books Of Revelation Video. 


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