Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault And Has Been Rushed To The Hospital

Harvey Weinstein Has Been Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Harvey Weinstein Has Been Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Bringing On The Unbelievable Story, About The American Former Film Producer, 66  Convicted In New York Cause Of The Charges Placed On Him, Of Being A Rapist. Sadly, He Has Been Sentenced To Jail For 25 Years. 

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Whereas BBC Made Mention That This Same Man, Sexually Assaulted Two Women In 2013, “This Is Incredible” Actually He Has Faced Those Charges In New York Also. Reports Did Say That 80 Women Has lately Accused Him Of sexual misconduct stretching back decades, including actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, and Salma Hayek. “Bbc Explained

Harvey Has Been Rushed To The Hospital After Guilty Of The Rape Verdict 

Shortly After The Harvey Was Found Guilty If The Charges Placed On Him, He Had A Chest Pain, heart palpitations and high blood pressure. And has been Rushed To The Manhattan hospital. This Is So Shameful Of Him, To be So Irresponsible. 

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Daily Star Said ‘Mr. Harvey was remanded in custody yesterday morning after a jury” Then Added Saying “Disgraced Weinstein had been released on a $2million bond but was later he,d in prison by Justice James Burke until sentencing on March 11th.”

His Lawyer Named “Donna Rotunno” Begged The Judge Of The Court To Please Released Mr. Harvey claiming his recent back surgery requires the 67-year-old to be injected with medication to prevent him from going blind.

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Just As The Picture Above Communicate, Mr. Harvey Came Into the Court Using walking frame, Calming That He Has Been Suffering Medical Issues For Some years Now.

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Weinstein’s lawyer Donna Rotunno said that he had been rushed to New York’s oldest public hospital as a result of high blood pressure claiming “he’s fine”. (If Not Satisfied With The Story Here, Visit The New York Times NOw) 


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