Harvey Weinstein Is Scared That He Might Die In Jail

Harvey Weinstein

Fear Written Allover In Harvey Weinstein Face, “He Might Die In Jail”

Seems To Be That Another “Jeffrey Epstein incident” Is About To Happen Or Will Soon Happen, whatever It May Be, Just Have it In Mind That The Accused Rapist Harvey Weinstein, Who Was The Former American Film Producer,

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Fears That He Will Commit Suicide While In The New York Jail. Now Why We Said That Another ‘Jeffrey Epstein incident” Is About To occur Is, Just The Same Thing Harvey Is Thinking Of Himself Right Now, Jeffrey Thougths The Same.

Whereas, He Did Not Only Think Of It, He Did It, Did What?? You Might Want To Ask That Question, well, We Have An Answer For You Right Here. Jeffrey Took His Own Life Behind Bars when he was being imprisoned at New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center in August last year.

This Was A Very Sad News, For Him To Do That Leaving Behinde His Wife And Children, And Now We Are About To Have The Same News pen Down About Harvey, God In Heaven Wont Alow That To Happen To Him.

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Be It As It May, Mirror Said That ‘ The Sun claimed Weinstein’s lawyer Arthur Aidala countered his client is in “pretty good spirits”. Repoting That “The disgraced Hollywood producer was rushed to hospital with chest pains on his way to jail”

The Chest pain issues, Seems To Be An Escpaced Plan Just So He Wont Be Sent To Jail, People Said So, Being It Serious Or Not They Dont Really Care, Cause Mr. Harvey Have Actually Placed A Scar On Himself.

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Shortly After The Harvey Was Found Guilty If The Charges Placed On Him, He Had A Chest Pain, Heart Palpitations And High Blood Pressure. And Has Been Rushed To The Manhattan Hospital. This Is So Shameful Of Him, To Be So Irresponsible.


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