How To Get Your Self Sign Into A Record Label

How To Get Your Self Sign Into A Record Label

How To Get Your Self Sign Into A Record Label | Must Read

In Todays World, We have A lot Of Upcoming Artist Who Are So Talented In Rapping and Singing, But These Rappers And Singer’s Seems No To See Them Self Get Sign Into A Record Label, So They Can Achieve Their Goals And Build Up Their Career, A Lot Of Upcoming Artist, Seems To be Discourage When They Worked hard For Few Years And No Record label Seems To Sign Them In, Yes That Is Totally Painful, And Frustrating.

But Here is What We Will Be talking About, Am Gonna Walk You Through On Things You Should Do, So You Can Get Your Self Sign Into A Record  Label. Don’t be Discourage Of how many Years You Have Been Working Towards Getting Your Self Sign. I Guess After You Read This, You Will Surely Get Your Self Better And Record Labels Will Be Coming Your Way To Offer You A Deal.

So These Are The Things You Have To Do So You Can Get Your Self Sign Into A Record Label.  First, You Must Know This, So Many Artists Who are Famous Now Actually Did This To get Them Selves Where They Are Today.

1. You Have To Choose Your Genre & Work On Your Voice

So Many Upcoming Artist Failed Because They Never Choose Which Genre They belong To, They Just Jump Into Any Genre They Find Themselves. Know This Facts If You Don’t Train Your Self To be A Rapper, Pop Singer, R&B, Or Any Genre At All, You will Not Get perfect If You Don’t Choose The Genre You Need To Work  On,  You May End Up Not Getting Sign By Any Record label.

By This I Mean, For An Example, If You Train Yor Self To be A Rapper Day And Night, Chances Are You May end up Rapping So Fast And Your Flows with Any Instrumental Will be Good. Same Goes To Being A Singer. If You Don’t Train Your Voice To Be So Sweet And Cool, Chances Are You Will be A Bad Singer. Your Words May Makes Sence But your Voice May Sound Horrible. Listen To Singer Like Arian Grande, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown And So many Popular Singer, Listen To How They Sing, So many people Fall Inlove With Their Voice And Also With Their music, If You Train Your Voice To Blend very Well, Then I must Say You Are Doing very Well.

Choose Your genre And Work On Them To be So Perfect. An Instance, if You Have Listened To This Song Dusk Til Dawn By Zayn Featuring Sia, You Will Listen How Sia Sang In That Song, Fans Were So Amaze Cause She Actually Blends Her Voice Into The Song To Be So Good. That By The Way, Just Take This First Step And You Will See Your Self Go To The Next Level.

2. Be Open To Opportunities (Go For Shows And Perform)

If You Don’t Go For Shows To Perform, People Won’t Know You, And You Won’t Get To Meet People. Be Open To Opportunities By That I mean, You Should Be Always Alert  Of Where Any Contest Is Holding If The Contest That Demands Upcoming Artist To Come Show Off Their Talent, Please I beg You Don’t Hesitate To Go Those Kind Of Shows, They Are Just The Best Way To Get people Know You. Moreover, Someone Might Even Want You To Meet People Who Can Get You Where You Want To Be, So If You Don’t Go For Those Kind Of Shows You Might Not Even Get Your Self Known By any Body.

Know This fact Going for Shows, Is Like Advertising Your Self To people To See The Kind Of Talent You Got. Just Know That Fact.

3. Make Any Artist Your mentor

Yea This Is The Most Interesting part Of This Topic. Make Any Artist Your mentor, By This, I Mean Imitate Any Artist You So Much love, Know More About Them, Follow Them Up In Social Media’s And Try To Make Your Self Flow Like Them Or A Little Bit Like Them. This Will Help You Grow Within a Twinkle  Of An Eye.

By Making  One Famous Artist Your Role Model, Then Your Are Building Your Self To Be Like Him or Her Or Building Your Self To Be Better Than Him Or Her.

4. Try To Voice Or Remix The Songs Of The Artist You Imitate

This method Have Helped So Many Artists Get Signed in To A Big Record label. Rappers Like Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, 50 cent And Other Rappers Who Have Made It, Imitate Someone And Try To Be Or Flow Like The Artist They Imitate. They Did Not Only Build Themselves To Flow Like Them, But They Did also Make A Remix Their Songs.

I So Much Thank God For Bringing In Social Media Into This World, Cause With Social media people Will get To Listen To Your Songs And The Song Your Remixed Which You made. Even The Owner of The Song Will Get To Listen To It If He Or She See It Online. And If They get Ton Like The Song and The Pattern You Flowed With The Beat. They May want TO meet You In Person, And My Friend You Are Getting Your Self To Be Sign In Into Their Record label.

5. Write Your Own Songs

Writing Your Songs It Very Helpful, By Indulging In Writing Your Own Flows, You Are Getting Your Self Better and at The Same Time Your Are making Your Music Known To Friends And Othe People In Your Social media Handel.

Meet A Blogger Who Has A Blog For Music And Does Promotion At The Same Time. Negotiate With Him Or her, Whatever Price You Both Conclude With. Does Not Matter, What Matter Is Your Songs To Get Viral. And If You Do These Chances Are people Will get To Know You More.

If You Don’t Have Money To Do That You Can Upload Your songs Free To Soundcloud, Youtube, Audiomark. And So Many Free platforms online.

Open Social Media Handel. Post Your Songs There And Also The Link To Download Your Songs. Promote your Self And Ask Friends And Love Ones TO Help You Promote Your Songs Too. This Will Help You To Get Known By Top And Popular Artist. And If You Good When They Listen To Your Songs The Feel The Rythm. Then You Will Definitely Be Asked To Meet Up With Them.


With These Points I have mentioned above, If You Do This, You Can Get Your Self Signed Into A record label. With Few Years Of Hard Work.

Start Now To Work On Your Self, Stay Update To Things Around You And That Concerns You. Be Always Alert To Those Things That Will Get You To Closer To Your Dreams.

Take No.4 And 5 Serious, This Is Just The best part Ever To make THings Work Out For You Faster.

Lastly, Don’t You Stop Praying And Working At The Same Time. Put God First And make Him Guide You.

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