Katie Price Fears She Has Coronavirus

Katie Price Fears She Has Coronavirus

Katie Price Fears She Has Coronavirus

Katie Price Shiver With Fears That She Has Juts Contacted The China Deadly Diseases “Coronavirus” After The Trip From Thailand, Where It Was Reported To Her  A cases of the killer bugif Actually It Has been Confirmed That She Has These Diseases, Then She Is The Fourth person Then To Have Contact The Diseases In Uk. 

It Has Been Made Clear that The 4-Year-Old Woman Have Been Really Sick, And it Seems TO be More Than A Flu, Here Is What An Insider Said “he’s been texting and calling friends asking what the symptoms of the coronavirus are because she’s been traveling so much there’s every chance she could have got it on a plane back from Thailand or Las Vegas” (Picture Of Her Coming Back From Her Trip To Thailand)

A Source Throw Out The Reports Of How Many People This Deadly Diseases Have Killed And How Many Have Been Affected With It “565 people across the world Killed,  28,500 infected across 28 countries and territories Affected”

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Symptoms She Has Is Similar To The Symptoms A Coronavirus Patient Has, cold,  runny nose, headache, and chills, It Now In A Critical Moment If This Lady Have been Affected, She needs Prayers Now, Health secretary Matt Hancock warned that the UK will see more cases of the lethal virus.

Katie Price Have Spent All her Day Lying Down On her bed Just After canceling her make-up masterclass last night.

As well as Thailand, there have been reported cases in China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, US, Germany, Vietnam, Macao, France, UAE, Canada, Italy, UK, India, Philippines, Russia, Nepal, Cambodia, Finland, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Belgium, and Sweden.

We Pray For Katie price That She Should Get Well Soon And Let Her not Be Contacted With This Deadly Diseases Amen…

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