Katie Price Fears To Loose Her Son “Harvey’ as She Rejoiced Over His The Recovery

Katie Price Fears To Loose Her Son Harvey As He Get's Discharged

Katie Price Fears To Lose Her Son Harvey As He Get’s Discharged

Katie Price updated her fans over her lovely son’s “Harvey” health after he got an Emergency checkup on Monday. The 18-year-old feel very ill during his sister’s thirteen birthday, but after he got his treatment, he’s no back to his normal self and his doing fine now.

Katie revealed that fear gripped her when her son “Harvey” was rushed to the hospital, she thoughts she was going to lose him at that tender age, on the notice it was said that Harvey was experiencing worrying symptoms after being struck down with mystery bugs.

A Source explained That Harvey needed urgent medical attention after he had felt ill at his sister birthday party, his mom Katie noticed that her son really needs medical attention and she did not hesitate to dial 911 so that they could rush her son for medical treatment.

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center;”>Katie Price updated her fans about her son’s health, She Said: “He kept complaining of chest pains. I said “how does it feel?” and he said, “like needles”. Straight away, because of his complex needs, do I call the doctor, or do I call the ambulance. I don’t like it when people waste ambulances’ time. He’s at high risk because of coronavirus, he’s high risk because of his obesity and the steroids he’s on and his medical condition so I did call 99”

Katie added “They did tests and all of that and they think he’s got a chest infection coming”, Katie then asked Harvey how he was feeling, and he said he felt fine before telling his mum he loves her. The pair then added that he was even flirting with the ambulance drivers, calling them beautiful.

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The teenager is additionally autistic, has an under-active thyroid and diabetes. Last year, Katie made the heartbreaking decision to send her son Harvey to measure at a residential care home after she struggled to cope.

Harvey often comes home, mainly on weekends and within the school holidays.

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