Kim Kardashian Signs Exclusive Podcast Deal With Spotify

Kim Kardashian

News: Kim Kardashian Signs An Exclusive Podcast deal with Spotify.

Kim Kardashian has penned down an exclusive agreement with the almighty music streaming platform “Spotify” which will make her more focused on her prison reform and other projects she got in hand.

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According to reports Kim and television producer Lori Rothschild Ansaldi will co-produce and co-host the show, with the aim to raise awareness for the charitable organization, which works to exonerate individuals in the prison system who have been wrongly convicted.

A Source said that Kim Kardashian podcast deal comes after she has been studying to become a lawyer, and has been funding campaigns to help free federal inmates serving life sentences for low-level drug offences.

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Previously, Kim aid a legal career has been ”in [her] soul for years”, as she has always been interested in following in the footsteps of her late father Robert Kardashian, who was best known for being part of O.J. Simpson’s defence team.

She said “I think that by the time I was a teenager and [my dad] was working on the O.J. case, I was sneaking in his office, looking at all of the evidence and things I shouldn’t have been looking at, maybe it was in my soul for years that that’s what I would have wanted to do. And I’ve even seen interviews pop up now from six or seven years ago. People ask what I wanted to do if I wasn’t filming my show. I always said I wanted to be a crime scene investigator or an attorney.

Kim Said Whenever she gets frustrated in studying she thinks of her late Dad, who passed away when she was 21 and she said that he will also be proud of her going after her career

She Then Added, “There are times when I could be frustrated and up studying really late and have to get up and wonder how he did it having four kids. He must’ve been going through some of the same things that I have gone through. It would have been exciting to talk to him about that, and I know that he would be so, so proud”.

Kim is really going higher and with God by her side, she will get to where she wants to and beyond, Wising her all the best.

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