Merry Berry Savage Tom Kerridge

Merry Berry Savage Tom Kerridge

Merry Berry Savage Tom Kerridge About His 

Tom Was Unable To Join Angela Hartnett For Some Couple Of Days, But Today February 8, 2019 He Made It By Joining Them As A Guest Being One Of The Great Chef In his Time, This Was Were Mary Berry Unleashed Her Mischievous Side In her Home Cooking Experience And Jokes About Tom Kerridge Hair. 

On Thursday Night They Were Tasked To Whipping Up Dish That Had To make  A Sweet Potato Robin, 63, decided to whip up a sweet potato quiche along with a yoghurt dip on the side that was mixed with harissa paste

In a choked voice he said to Mary: ‘Don’t have that. It’s a bit much,’ and had to be given a glass of water by Claudia. Later when they went to decide who would have to cook a second time, it wasn’t good news for Robin. ‘I haven’t seen green vegetables cooked that so far off the mark in a long time. He almost nailed that pastry,’ Tom said. Referring to the dip, Mary added: ‘Then he just did some creme fraiche.’ Tom added: ‘With way too much harissa paste in it, it nearly blew me ears off.’ ‘Well it certainly blew your hair off,’ Mary quipped.


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