Parent Should Help Kid Through Mental Health, Lady Gaga Mom Advised

Parent Should Help Kid Through Mental Health

Parent Should Help Kid Through Mental Health

Surprisingly On How Lady Gaga Mother “Cynthia Germanotta” Talks About Parent Should be there Always To Help Their Kids Who Is Going Through mental Health Struggle, Well She Is Actually Referring To Singers Who Are Currently Going Through Depression. Lady Gaga Mom Seriously Pleaded That Parents Should Be Watchful of their Kid Who And Recognize When They Are Currently Going Through Mental Struggles, Knowing They  May not Know What May Actually Happen To Them After That Process.  Reports Explained

Cynthia Germanotta Actually Tell On How She Actually Dealt With Depression When She Was In College, Here Is What She Said:, “In middle school, because she was unique, she started experiencing a lot of struggles,” Germanotta said. “You know, feeling isolated from events. Humiliated. Taunted. And she would start to question herself and become doubtful of her own abilities. And that’s when she developed depression “We tried our best as parents to help her, but didn’t know everything,” She Added, Saying

“It’s something that’s very, very personal to us and it goes back to the struggles Stefani had growing up,” Germanotta explained of the organization. “She envisioned a world where young people were better equipped to deal with her struggles than she was.” “As her career took off and we were traveling the world and talking to young people, we realized how many other young people had similar experiences,”. 

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Moreover Germanotta At A Point Never Understood Why Her Daughter Lady Gaga, Could Be So Open About Her Personal Struggle To Fans Out There, Not Untill She Then Realised At Some Point That The process Eventually Healed Lady Gaga As Well As Her Fans, Talking BAout Lady Gaga pening About Her Mental Health, 

On Dec 2016, That Was The First Day Lady Gaga First opened About Her Metal health, Not Thinking About It if It Personal Or Not, At That Point She Needed Someone Who Could Console Her And Encourage Her At The Same Time\, She Actually Did Revealed About Her Battling With PTSD during a visit with a group of homeless LGBTQ teens in New York.

This What She Said:, “I told the kids today, ‘I suffer from PTSD.’ I’ve never told anyone that before. So here we are,” “But the kindness that’s shown to me by doctors as well as my family, and my friends, it’s really saved my life.”

Just After Two year Later, She Later Revealed That her PTSD stems from a sexual assault she suffered at age 19. And Here What She Told Vogue When She Actually Interviewed, “No one else knew. It was almost like I tried to erase it from my brain. And when it finally came out, it was like a big, ugly monster. And you have to face the monster to heal,” She Then Added For me, with my mental health issues, half of the battle in the beginning was, I felt like I was lying to the world because I was feeling so much pain but nobody knew,” she said. “So that’s why I came out and said that I have PTSD, because I don’t want to hide—any more than I already have to.”

Still Interviews Gaga Said So many Things, Well With Was Actually Shocking That She Really Telling Fans Out There Here Is One Of Those Things She Said “I wish I had mental health resources then because although what I have is treatable and can hopefully and will get better over time, if there was preventative mental healthcare accessible to me earlier, I believe it might not have gotten as bad as it did,” Gaga continued. “I wish there had been a system in place to protect and guide me. A system in place to empower me to say no to things I felt I had to do. A system in place to empower me to stay away from toxic working environments or working with people that were of seriously questionable character.” Wishing That She Had A mental Resources This Really Shows that She Needed So Badly. 

Lastly She Said, “There were days I struggled or couldn’t make it to work, and I don’t want that for other artists, or for anyone.”

Hope U Enjoyed This Topic, Looking At What This  Lady Faced, ” I Suggest That it High Time We Parents Stand Up For Our Children When They Are Depressed, Just To Make Them Know That They Are Not Alone In This.  Please Share This Article To Friends And Family, Keep The Information Moving, God Bless. 

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