Rihanna In New York Fashion Kicks Off The Style

Rihanna In New York Fashion

Rihanna In New York Fashion

Tonight, Rihanna Kick Off The The Style Of The New York Fashion Week, Rihanna Turned Fashion Designer Josted A Big Party In Honour her new Fenty pop-up shop at Bergdorf Goodman.

Just As She Showed Up For, By 9 pm The Love People Have For The Singer, She Did Cause A Paparazzi Frenzy,  She Wore This Bright Orange Dress Just At it Seen In The Picture Above By Your Left. 

Ths Actually Caused A Serious Traffic Outside The Venue Vogue Said, She wore a classic knit turtleneck dress with a matching sporty parka coat worn overtop, all pieces from her just-dropped Fenty collection

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Well “I Was Really Waiting To See How Rihanna Would Killed THe New York Fashion Week Style, But She Did A Really Amazing Job, By Showing Up In Those Good Dress, 


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