Rihanna Split Up With The Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel

Rihanna Split Up With The Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel

Rihanna Split Up With The Saudi Billionaire Hassan Jameel

“So Many Thoughts Came Across My Mind, After Several Reports Were Actually Made About The Rich And Famous American Singer Rihanna Breaking Up A Three years Relationship She Had The The Saudi Billionaire, And Now Dating The Rapper A$AP Rocky, Well I Cant Tell What Actually Happen What Went On, But In This Article, We All Know What Actually Went On, And Not Long She Went On With A$AP Rocky, Stay Updated. 

Rihanna Actually Split Up With Hassan Jameel Last Week, Who is A Billionaire From Saudi, Well not Quite Long Rumors Came Across Everywhere Actually That Rihanna Have Already Moved On by Going Into a Relationship With The famous American rapper, A$AP Rocky, This Was Actually The Same Rapper That Drake Had Some Problem With Concerning Rihanna Issues, But Now It Seems Drake Resolved The Issue With Him, And They Now Good.

Just Today, January 29, 2020, Reports Made By Ibtimes, Says That Rihanna And A$AP Actually Shared An Hotel Room At New York Where They Stayed Together The Whole Time the Spent In New York , “Now This Seems Not To Be Rumors Any longer, Cause It Very Unusual For Two S=Celebrities To Share An Hotel Room, Not Unless They Have Something In Common, 

Not Bad Enough They Look So Good Together Just As The Picture Above Communicate, But Before Then Rihanna And A$AP Were Seen Together Locking Lips On Stage. “Could This Be That They Were Actually In Love With Each Other Or It Was All About The Vibe they Were throwing out That Particular, “I Ain’t Sure”.

Let Just See How It Gonna End With This two I Wish them Good Luck In Their Relationship, “Hope it Lead To Marriage”

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