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SexBeat Mp3 Download

SexBeat Mp3 Download – Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris

SexBeat Was Released By The Famous American Singer And Rappers, Usher, Lil Jon, And Ludacris, The song SexBeat Was Released On  April 10, 2020, It Was Written By Antoine Harris Jr.DJ KronicLudacris 

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SexBeat Falls In The album Titled Confession 2 And It Also The Awautng Album That Will Be Released Soon Enough, You Can Find The Song Available her To Download Free. 

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SexBeat Quotable Lyrics 
Sex beat, turn it up loud, ’til I blow my speakers (Yeah)
Get lower than my subwoofers
Or high as my tweeters (Yeah)
My diva, eat you up, like you my gourmet chocolate Godiva
Call FEMA, got her wetter than Hurricane Katrina (Yeah)
Anything I say let’s do, she with it, with it, with it, with it (With it)
Have you ever had orgasms in the double digits, digits, digits, digits? (Digits)
Do the math and I’ll do the work (Yeah)
Break it fast and I’ll break the curse (Yeah)
Make it last and I’ll make you first
And if you make it splash, then I’ll make you squirt (Okay)
She miss that every night (Okay)
How I lick it (Yeah), put it down (Uh-uh)
All I wanna do is live it up (Okay)
Girl, I’ll never let you live it down
So press rewind on that sex beat, and just feel all the sensation (What?)
Who you know stay in his bedroom but still got the whole block shaking, Luda (Let’s go) View Complete Lyrics

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