Fetty Wap || Fresh N Clean || Video

Fetty Wap - Fresh N Clean Mp4 Download

Fetty Wap – Fresh N Clean Mp4 Download

Fresh N Clean Came Through, On December 20, 2019, BY The American Rapper Fetty Wap And Presently The Song Got 1M Views On Youtube As At March 30, 2020, Today Fetty Wap Just Dropped The Video To The Soundtrack “Fresh N Clean” The Song Was Produced By 

Yeah, yeah, mm, she know I’m so fresh and so clean

She got a thing for me, she love when I step on the scene

I make her sing for me, she love when I’m makin’ her scream

Check out the bling on me, I am nothing less than a king

Then she say that she with it and she dig it, she love the style

And that’s word to my children, I ain’t trippin’, won’t stick around

I’m not one for the feelings, I be pimpin’, I hold it down

Stack it up to the ceiling, I’ma spend it and break it down

I can show you what it mean to me, baby
Ain’t never comin’ for the green, but you’re my baby, yeah-ah

I could turn you to a money maker, yeah-ah
And I like you better with no makeup, yeah, yeah (View Complete Lyrics Here)

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