Keke Palmer || Sticky || Audio

Sticky Mp3 Download - Keke Palmer

Sticky Mp3 Download – Keke Palmer

Sticky Mp3 Download – Keke Palmer: Keke Palmer The American Singer Which Is Also A Actress Came Through With This Mp3 Soundtrack Titled Sticky On The 17th April 2020, Which Came Thorugh In The Album Caption ‘The Boss‘ Download Mp3 Now…

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Lyrics Quote
Lipgloss sticky, attitude bitchy
How I taste? Peachy
He wanna lick my keke
I don’t drip, I’m leaky
In that thing knee deep
Have him singing with me-
Oh oh oh, oh oh it’s the thing to do
Oh oh, got my hands on you
Oh oh, it’s the thing to do
Oh oh, got my hand on you
I’m in a forgein whip
Crossing the boarder, shit
You can’t afford the tip
You can’t afford to hit
Twerk on some florida shit
He can’t get bored with this
That’s why he ice my wrist
Who you know rock it like this?
Ah, he call me his lil baby
Now he wanna claim me
I be playing hard to get they say I’m acting shady
I be on my own time, that lil shit don’t faze me (View Complete Lyrics Here)

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