The Beach Boys Are Fighting Again

The Beach Boys Are Fighting Again:

The Beach Boys Are Fighting Again

The American Rock Band  formed in Hawthorne, California in 1961 Are Said To Be At A Great Fight Again, With Themselves, Mike Love Had It In Mind To Take the beach Boys To Reno, Nevada’s Safari Club International Convention Performance, This Particular Convention Is Actually Held annually in Reno, Nevada with this year’s guest speaker being Donald Trump Jr. 

The convention supports trophy hunting, and has previously been protested by organisations such as the Humane Society. The pair tour separately, although – confusingly enough – there are more actual Beach Boys in Brian’s line up than Mike’s.

Here Was What Brian Wilson Said: This organization supports trophy hunting, which both [bandmate Al Jardine] and I are emphatically opposed to… Mike Love Gave Him A Replied Back Saying:  “We look forward to a night of great music in Reno and, as always, support freedom of thought and expression as a fundamental tenet of our rights as Americans…” [View Tweet]

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