“The Box” Roddy Rich | Meaning Of The Song

The Box Roddy Rich

The Box Roddy Rich | Deep Meaning

The Young American Rapper, Unleashed A Hit Track Last Two Month, Which Was Able To Reach Out To Millions Of People On The Internet. This Song In Question Has Become One of The Best Songs Roddy Rich Have Ever Recorded Named “The Box”.

I Myself, Am Deeply In Love With This Song Ever Since I Listen To It, And Can’t Even Go Out A Day Without Playing It, Thanks To Roddy Rich For Bringing On Such Nice Song. But Wait A Min, Have You Listen Closely What Roddy Rich Said In The Song. Well, That What We Wil Be Talking About In This Article.

Speaking Of Roddy Rich, He Is A Very Young Talented Who Start His Music Career In The Year 2015, Wow, 2020 Is Making Roddy Rich Five Years Old In The Music Industry. And Presently He Is 21 Years Old, October 22nd Will Be He’s 22 Birthday.

Let Get Down In Talking About This Song “The Box” Roddy Rich, Just In Two Month after The Audio Has been Released, It Got 134 Million Views On Youtube, For A Young Artist Like Him, This Is A Very Great Succes, Meanwhile, Here Is The Shocking Part. Just In Four Days After The Video Was Unleashed On The 1st Of February, The Total Views The Video Got Was 20 Million View “This Is Absolutely Crazy” That To Show This Song Actually Hit. But Think Again.

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What Does This Song Really Mean?

When I Actually Read Comment On The Video, People Seems Not To Be Talking About What I Felt About This Song For The Very First Time I Heard It. Instead, They Sems To be Talking Something Differently, Something That Aint Even Related To The Song.

This Song Blew My Mind With So Many Thoughts, Thoughts That Am Convinced That Roddy Rich Is Actually Talking About His Life Somehow, And What I Think That This Could Be The meaning, Maybe It Is, Or Should I Say This Is Actually The True Meaning Of The Song.

Am Gonna Focus And Analyse On The Chorus Of This Song, Revealing What I Actually Think Roddy Rich Is Trying To Say, Int His Song.

Chorus Of “The Box”

“She Sucks The Nigga Soul, Got The Cash App, Told Them Wipe The Nigga Nose, Like Slatt Slatt, I Will Never Sell My Soul, And I Got That Back, And I Really Wann Know Where You At-At.” What Is Roddy Rich Trying To Say In This Song, And What I Might Think Is The actual Meaning To This Song.

“She Sucks The Nigga Soul, Got The Cash App”

Roddy Rich Made me Actually Remembered A Movie, I Kinda Forget The Name, Cause Am Not That Movie Type, But In That Movie, There is This Lady Who Actually Takes Away Thousands Of People Soul Through An App.

The First Question That Pop Into My Mind Was, Why Is Roddy Rich Saying This? Then I Had To Take My Time To Think Of It, I Had To Come Down To Conclusion That Roddy Rich Is Actually Saying That, Devil Happens To Be A Lady, I Have Heard That before, But Roddy Saying It In This Song, Gave me No Doubts That  The Devil is Actually A Lady. Cause She Is The Only One That Has The Devilish Power To Sucks People soul Out of Them And Owned It.

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Roddy Did make It Clear that There Is Actually A Way The Devil Sucks people, Soul, Out Of Them, Making Them Useless And Miserable, That Is Just A Clear Warning That We Have TO be Careful Of Which App We Have On Our Phones. Cause It Clearly Written That Not All Apps Are Actually Good

  Let Jump To This Other One He Said.

‘I Will Never Sell My Soul, And I Got that Back”

Is Roddy Rich Saying That He Once Encounter The Devil, Where he Was Asked TO Sell His Soul, Maybe For Some Earthly Reasons? It Obvious he Was Asked To Sell His Soul, But Glad To Hear Him Say, That he Will Never Sell His Soul To The Devil.

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Where He Said “And I Got That Back” Seems To be Like Roddy, Nearly Did Fall For The Devil Offer, Or Should I Say he Gave Out His Soul But At Some Point, He Changed His Mind. And Got Back His Soul, Seriously, I Think Is High Time We Pay Close Attention To The Lyrics Of Rappers, Cause These people Are Actually Saying What They Do Face In Their Lives.

Rather It Seems We Focus On The Beat And The Sound It Only, Rather Than The Message. I Think That Roddy Rich Needs Prayers, Cause He Is Facing Some Tough Challenges With The Devil, And The Decision He Made.

He Needs Your Prayer And Your Advice, Stops Commenting Shitty Things And Try To Comment Thing Sensible

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