The Criminal History Of Meek Mill

The Criminal History Of Meek Mill

The Criminal History Of Meek Mill

We All Know The  American Named Rapper Named “Robert Rihmeek Williams” But Famously Known As  Meek Mill. Meek Mill Has Proven Himself To Be One Of The Most Talented To Come On The Hip-Hop In The Last Decade. The 32-Year-Old Rapper Who Is Actually From Philadelphia Has Has Several Massive Song In His Music Career, With His Most Recent Named “Going Bad” Which He Featured, Darke Which Has Sold Over 2, 000, 000 Records Making It A Double Platinum Song. 

moreover, Despite The Fact, Meek Mill Is Of The Best Hip-Hop Rappers Right About Now, Meek Mill Has Been Actually Making Headlines For years Due To is Ongoing Legal Activity, It Been Known That A lot Of Rappers have been Going Through The Same Thing, But For Meek Mill, It Is A Little Bit Different. Sadly Enough It has Ben made Public Numerous Times That Meek Mill Judge In His Case Genece Brinkley

This Lady Has Had It Out For Meek Mill FromMThe Very Day One And She Is Making His Legal Process More Challenging That it Should Be. Well, I Know You Are Curious Of Knowing The Full Details Of The Criminal History Of Meek Mill, GoodNews Is That We Have all The Full Details here And  This Information Are very very legit 

The Criminal History Of Meek Mill | Full Story

Meek Mill First Documented Arrested Happened On January 24th, 2008, At That Time Meek Mill Was Just 18-Years-Old, According, To So many Source Reporting, ‎Philadelphia NFU Obtained A Warrant T Search For Meek Mill Residence, After The Had Claim That Meek Mill Was Actually Seen Selling Crack To A Police Informant 

Just As Police Were  Outside His House preparing To Raid The Place, Meek Mill Return Home From The Local Corner Store, At The Moment he Came Back Home he Was Carrying A Weapon, But He Quietly Tried To Ditch It Before Confronting The Police, Which Later Backfired On Him, Because The police Actually Saw Him When He Was Doing It & Eventually He Was Detained. 

The NFU Member Named Reggie Graham, Who Made The Arrest Claimed That Meek Mill Had Pointed The Weapon At Him Before he Was Detained, Eventually Meek Denies These Claims And Actually Said That The Police Used His head As A Battering Ram To Open The Front Door Of His House, Inside Of the House The Police Found $30, 000  In Cash That Apparently belonged  To His Cousin That Sold KUSH

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Meek Was Ultimately Arrested On Various Charges That Related To Drug Dealing And Weapon Possession.  This Made Him Spend Several Month Inside A Country Jail Before He Could Finally Go Before Judge On August 19th, 2008 Where He Faced 19 Counts In Total. The Judge In Meek’s Case Named “Genece Brinkley” Accquitted All Of Meek Mill Co-Defendant And Eventually Found Meek Mill Guilty Of All Seven Charges. 

Genece Brinkley Sentenced Meek Mill To Two Years In A Country prison And Eight Years Of Probation Following His Release. Meek Was Release Early 2009 After He Agreed To A Deal Where He Would Take  Five Years Of Parole In Order To Be Released Early. This Decision Would Cause a Lot  Cause A lot Of Problems In The Future For Meek Mill. 

Meek MillActually Stayed out of Trouble For Over Three Years Following His 2009 Release, But, Eventually, On October 31st, 2012 That All Changed. While Meek Was Wrapping Up A Promo Run In new York TO Promote His First Album, Meek Was Pulled Over By The Police, Due TO The Extremely Dark Tint Windows, When The Officers Who Pulled them Over Came Closer To The Window They Claimed To Have Smelled KUSH Coming FromThe Car, And When Asked To Search The Car, Meek Refused, This Was Were He Ended Up Getting Arrested For Not Allowing The Police Officer Search His Car. 

Then The Cops Now Impounded Meek’s Car And Held Him In A Holding Cell Overnight, Meek Mill Was Released The Next Day, But He Claimed That The Arrest made Him Miss Out A Lot Of Money In An Endorsement Deal With Puma. He Said That The Looses Was Reduced From $2,000, 000 To $650, 000. After The Judge Genece Brinkley. Got The Word From meek Mill. 

She Asked Meek Mill To Appear In Court,  During This Hearing She Order Meek Mill To Go For A Drug test, Which Turns Out To be Clean, But Despite The facts, Meek Mill Was Clean, Genece Brinkley Still Charged meek With A Probation Violation. The Punishment Of The Violation Was Revoking Meek’s Ability To Schedule And Performs Show’s. 

This Situation Didn’t End There Because On December 18th, 2012, Meek Allegedly Violated Probation Again After Continuing To Book Shows After Being Told Not To. This Act Lead Genece Brinkley To Put Meek On Restricted Travel, Which Force Meek Mill To Stay In His Home Town, Three Month After This  Decision Was made, Meek Was Due Into Court Again After he Allegedly left Pennsylvania Without Any Notification. 

The Excuse he Gave To The Judge Was That His Schedule Can Change Very Quickly And He Asked For Leniency, Which he Eventually Got Because  Brinkley Let This One Slide Away With No Consequences. After This Meek Requested For A New Probation Officer After Claiming To Have Serious Problems With The One He Currently Has, But The Judge Genece Brinkley Denied Him The Request. 

On June 28th, 2013 Meek Mill Was Asked To Appear In Court Ince Again After He Was Accused Of Making Comment His About Probation Officer On Twitter That led’s Meek Fans Sending Threat To The Probation Officer. This Made The Judge To Call For Meek Mill To Attend The Etiquette classes To teach meek Mill How To Conduct Him Self Online And Claimed That It Was More Important Than Any Concert He Might Have To attend. 

On July 13th, 2014 Meek Mill Had A probation Hearing That Lasted For Few Hours, During The Hearing Meek’s Judge Genece Brinkley Aired Out Everything, Meek Was Actually Doing Wrong Like Failing To give His Probation Officer A Working Number And Also Being Disrespectful To His Probation Officer, Also Failing To Get A Permission  Before Booking Out Of Town And Few Other Things Were Mentioned As Well. 

This Hearing  Ended Up The Judge, Determining That Meek Mill Was In Technical Violation Of His Probation And She Ended Up Revoking Meek’s Probation Sentencing Him To Six Month In Jail With An Addition Five Years Probation Following His Release. Meek Mill Was Eventually Released On December 2, 2014, After serving Almost Five-Month  

Over A Year After Being Released, Meek Mill Was Once Again Found Guilty Of A Probation Violation BY Judge Brinkley After Failing To Report Is Travel Plans. This Violation Resulted In Meek Mill Banned From Going TO Work  And As Well Performing Until His Sentencing Which Was Schedule For February 5, 2016. After The Judge Had Heard This. Meek Mill Was Sentenced To 90 Days On House Arrest, Which Would Begin March 1, 206 ANd End On June 1, 2016. 

After He Was Released, Meek Had A Lavish Welcomed Home Party At Playhouse In Los Angeles. Meek Actually Continued To Stay Out of Trouble For Over a Year But On March 15, 2017, While At The St. Louis Airport, Meek Mill Was Arrested And Charged With Assualt After An Airport Employee Attempted To Take A Picture With Meek Mill. 

After That Incident The Police let meek Mill Go, But later he Was Charged And Summoned To appear In Court, Well, The Case Was Thrown Out In October Later That Same Year. Months Later Meek Was Arrested Again While In New York For His Appearance On The Tonight Show. Reports Said That Meek Saw Some Kids Riding Dirt Bike Around The City, And He Kindly Asked If he Could Ride One. 

At That Time Meek Cameraman Was on Instagram Live And Capture A helmetless Meek Mill Popping Wheelies on a Dirt Bike Throughout The Street of New York. The Next Day The NYPD Tracked Down Meek Mill   And Arrested Him For One Felony Court Of Reckless Endangerment. Moreover This Charge Got Dismissed Completely. But Judge Brinkley Was Not Happy About It. On November 6, 2017, Meek Was Required TO appear In Court For Another Probation Hearing And This Time This One Did Not Go Well With Him. 

judge Brinkley Ended Up Sentencing Meek Mill  To Tow To Four Years In The State Prison, After Getting Arrested For Assault And Reckless Endangerment, Despite All This, She Stated: “I Gave You break After Break And You Basically Just Thumbed Your Nose At This Court”. While Handing Down This lengthy Sentenced to meek Mill. After This Shocking News Hit The Internet, The Hip-Hop Community Became Outraged.   

A Few Weeks After meek mill Sentencing, Meek Mil Legal Team Filed An Emergency Bail Motion For Meek To get Released Immediately, Whereas Judge Brinkley Ignored All The Request, Brinkley Refused To Bail Out Meek Mill, Claiming That Meek Is A Flight Risk And A Danger To The Community. It Was Known That While All This Was Going On The Media Revealed That The FBI has Been Investigating  Judge Brinkley Since 2016 And had undercover Agent Monitoring Meek Court Hearing. 

This Investigation Began After Meek Attorney Made Claims That Brinkley HAs shown Bias By Asking The Rapper To leave Roc Nation And To Return Working With Charlie Mark. Fter Brinkley Got This Words, She threatened To Sue Meek Mill. 

Then of February 14, 2018, Meek Mill Legal Team Filed A Petition To get His Sentencing And Conviction vacated After Raggie graham The Officer Who Arrested Meek Mill Back In 2008 Had Been Added To The List of Cops Who Had A History Of Racial Bias, Lying And Brutality. Also, A Former  Philadelphia Police Officer Said That Raggie Graham Lied About Meek Mill Aiming A Fire Arm At Him During His Arrested, A Claim That meek Mill Had Denied From Start. 

Less Than A Week After This Petition Judge Brinkley Granted Meek Mill A Post Conviction That Went Nowhere. But On March 15, 2018, Meek Recieve Anther Big Break In is Case After The Philadelphia District Attorney Officer Submitted A Filing That Revealed That They Did Not Oppose To Mek Bail Petition, This Means That Meek Will be Released Soon. 

Five Days later Judge Brinkley’s Personal Attorney Named “Charles Peruto Jr. Announced That They Will be Suing Meek Mill Management And Leaga Team Over The Claims Brinkley Trying To Extort Meek. After This Was Made Public Meek Mill Legal Team Filed A Motion To Have Judge Brinkley Removed From The Case, But Before Any Action Could take Place Judge Brinkley Was Able To Deny Meek’s Request To be Released. 

This Confirmed That Brinkley Has Now Turned Meek Case Into A Personal Vendetta. Two Week Later The Philadelphia Attorney Officer Recommend That Meek Ill Should Be Released And On April 24, 2018, This Happened So Quick, meek Was Finally Free 

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