The Criminal History of Roddy Ricch

The Criminal History of Roddy Ricch

The Criminal History of Roddy Ricch

The Young 21-Year-Old Rapper Famously Known As Roddy Rich Born On October 22, 1998, In Compton, California, United States  This Young Rapper Is Famously Known By his Hit Soundtrack Named “The BOX” This Song Gave Roddy Full Recognition Worldwide. First, When I Actually Listen To This Song, I Fell Inlove With The Song, And Also Inlove With Roddy Rich Music. 

What Marvel me most About This His Hit Song Was The Things he Said, Fans Never Noticed And Got Think of All What He Said In That music, It Was So Embarrassing That No One Cares To Think About The Deep meaning Of The Song Named ‘The Box” Until I Had To Write An Article Concerning That. “Review The True Meaning Of The Song “The Box”  

The Box Two Month Ago Was The Number One Song In the Whole World. But Despite The Sucess, Roddy Rich Has Still Found Himself On The Wrong Side Of The Law, I Know You Are Definitely Curious Of what Lead Him To be Behind Bars. Well, I here All Covered And About TO Let It Out, Right Here in The Article, Stay Tune To Find Out The Inside Criminal Look Of Roddy Rich.  

The Criminal History of Roddy Ricch: Roddy Rich Who’s birth name Is Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr. Claimed TO Have Grown Up Around A Lot Of Gang Activity, Being Around Such people Made his mom Kicked Him Out of The House At Just When he Was 16 Years Old. This Was When He became Fully Involved With The Street And Gangsta Lifestyle. Not Too Long Roddy Became The member Of The Crips And began TO Sell Drugs And Commit Robberies. He Did All This So he Could Support himself Financially. 

just In A Interview, Roddy Rich Went Into Details About The fist Robbery he Ever Committed. This Was were he Said That He Allegedly Threw A Rock At A Restaurant Window Just So he Can Prove To Everyone That He Was Really About It, And Was Not Just Tagging Along To Some Money into His Pocket. 

It Was Also Known That Roddy Rich Did Completely Abandoned His Therapy Classes The He’d Been Attending Since The Eight Grade, Just To Commit Pointless Crime Around Town. Well, This Type Of behavior Went On Several years, But Too Bad For Him, This Type Of behavior Got Him Locked Up At The Age Of 18. This Was When he Got arrested For The First Time In His life. 

Surprisingly The Details Of Roddy Rich Arrest  Was Almost Non Existent, moreover, He Claimed That He Was Facing A Possible Gun charge, And Spend A Whole Week In Jail Before He Was Able To Make Bail. During The Week Roddy Rich Spent In jail, He Realises That The path which he Chooses To Live Was Not Good At All. This Was When he Decided That He needed To Do And make Out Something Positive Out Of his Life. And This Was Were music Comes Into Play. 

It Was Known That At First That Roddyy Rich Was Using Music In A Way To Cope With His Problems Not Using It To make Money. But, After Feeling all The Positive Energy And Hearing The Feedback. Roddy Rich Began To Sit Down Put His Time And Effort on His Raps. Throughout The Next Year, Roddy Rich Did Nothing, But To Sit And Record In Various Studios Across America. 

After That, He Eventually Released his Ever Project Called “Feed The Streets” This Project Got A lot Of Eyes On Roddy Rich, Even The Big Time Rapper Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle Who is Now Dead, Wanting TO Work With Roddy Rich has Soon As possible. Several Month later Roddy Unleashed A Single Titled “Die Young” This Song Gave Him An Incredible Mainstreams Attention. Followed By Every season Which Got Upto A 100 Million Views On YouTube. These Back To back Singles Gave Roddy Roddy The Opportunity To Sign What We Could Assume TO be One Impressive Record Deal With The Atlantic Records. 

Roddy Rich Is All Set, A Brand New Massive Fan Base And A Record label Gehin Him, Roddy Was All Ready To Take Ove The Rap Gane, But There Was One Big Obstacle In His Way. Let Find Out More. 

on August 11, 2018, Roddy Rich And His Girlfriend Were Hanging Out In His Los Angeles Home This Was Where They Both Had Misunderstand. This Lead To An ARgument, This Argument Soon Escalated Into A Physical Argument, This Was Were Roddy Rich Grabbed His Girlfriend During The alleged Incident, Immediately Policed Showed Up In Roddy Residence And Asked Noth of Them What Was Actually Going On, After The police Had To listen What They Had To Say, The Police Confirm That Neither Any Of Them Needed A Medical Attention, But On The Other Hand, Roddy Rich Had To be Arrested For Assault Which Was A Felony Charge. 

After Roddy Rich Was Bail Out Of jail The Next Day, he posted A $50,000 Bail, And He Was Free To Go. Well, The Arrested Ended up Not Really Affecting Roddy Rich In Any Way, But, He Still Continues To Do Shows And Record For His Now Hit album.  Which Dropped Early December 2019 Just After a Few Month of the Arrest Occurred. While He Was Still Awaiting Sentencing, His Song The Box Started To Go Extremely Viral And As, At January 13, 2020, The Song Was No.1  In Nteh Whole World Beating Out Justin Biber Song Yummy And Dethronining Post Malone Song Circles, 

In line with this Incredible Achievement, Roddy Rich Got A news On January 15, 2020, That The Los Angeles Country District Attorney’s Office Dropped  His Felony Charged Due To Insufficient Evidence 

Added To All This Have Been Said, Roddy Ric has A Bright Future On Him, Check Out Top Roddy Rich Song I So Much Loved 

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