Trey Songz & Nicki Minaj – Lovin, Touchin Mp3 Download

Trey Songz - Touchin Lovin Mp3 Download

Trey Songz – Touchin Lovin Mp3 Download

Touchin Lovin Review 

Touchin Lovin Mp3 By Trey Songz Featuring Nicki Minaj Is Available Here For Download. Touch Lovin Appears To be The 4th Track On Trey Songz Album “Trigga” The Album And The Song Was Unleashed Altogether on July 1, 2014. This Is The First Collaboration Trey Songz Had With Nicki Minaj, And She Murdered The Music.  Touchin Lovin Was Written By Frank “Nitty” Brim, Mathew Featherstone & Christopher Featherstone 

Touchin Lovin Lyrics

‘m touchin’ you tonight (Nah)
I’m lovin’ you tonight
(Wait, no) I’m fuckin’ you, girl
You must be used to spendin’, puttin’ in that time (Uh-huh)
Touchin’, lovin’, fuckin’, can’t make up my mind (My mind, oh, oh)
I’m lovin’ you (Oh, oh)
(Wait, no) I’m fuckin’ you tonight (Lyrics By Genius)

Listen & Download Touchin Lovin – Trey Songz Mp3 Bewlo!!

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I sexually identify as the Nicki Minaj part in Touchin Lovin by Trey Songz
Nicki Stats @statsofminaj
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Trey Songz & Nicki Minaj's "Touchin Lovin" has been certified PLATINUM in the US for selling over 1 million units in the country. Revolving hearts
@sexuqlities @miIesmoraIes
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ill tell you whats you and your favs song to listen togther. doing this later touchin' lovin'- trey songz ft. nicki minaj

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