Trump Said he will glance Through ‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Sentencing

Trump Said He'll glance through 'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic Sentencing

Hello There Welcome To Our Website, Am Austin August. Today The President Of America Declared To Glance Through The Prison Sentencing Of The ‘Tiger King’ Named Star Joe Exotic. Joe Is Sentenced To 22 Years In Prisonment For Plotting To Have an animal rights activist murdered.

Whereas ‘Reports Has Been Made That Donald Joked About That He Should be Pardoned, Today President Donald Trump Delivered A White House Briefing On The Government Response Concerning The Deadly Disease Corona Virus, Which Have Killed Over a thousand People In The U.S

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Still, On It, President Trump Has Been Criticised For The Way He’s Handling The Corona Virus Case, Reports Said That Trump Claimed That The Virus Will Miraculously Disappear By April and baselessly pushed an unproven drug as a cure. 

Looking At It Right about Now, We Are Over A Week In April And Still The Virus Is Still Spreading And Killing People. 

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Right On Wednesday, Trump Was Being Asked About The Exoctic Case On Wednesday, Here Was He’s Response ‘I know nothing about it,” a smiling Trump replied. “He has 22 years for what – what did he do?’ 

And Just After That Statement, He Asked te Reporter If Joe Exotic Could Be Pardoned “He Jokingly Said That.

Exotic, 57, was last year convicted of 17 federal charges of animal abuse and plotting to have animal rights activist Carole Baskin murdered.

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Baskin and Exotic were locked in a long-running feud over the latter’s alleged mistreatment of animals. It Has Been Known That He Has Been To Jail Before And has Spent 17Years In Prison. 

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