Truth About The Rap Industry

Truth About The Rap Industry | The Rap Industry Is Evil

Every Single Day We Have New Talented Rappers Coming Out,  Signing Several Big Record Deals That Changed Their Life Forever, This Record Deal offers Them Enough Money, Luxury Cards And Beautiful mansions. This Alone Drives The Artist Crazy.

Without Considering Or Thinking What  Actually They Are Getting Them Selves Into, They Rush In Signing The The Deal, And Boom They Are Rich. This Rappers never Thoughts On The Most Important Part That Comes With The Deal Offer. 

They Will Never See What is Coming Until They Are Into It, Sad Enough To Know And To Bring On The Facts That The Rap Industry Is An Evil Place. And It Will Be The Last Place Where You Will Ever Wish To Be On Earth. 

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How Is It An Evil Place? You May Want To Ask That, That Is The Most Reason Am Creating This Article So You Can Know What The Rap Industry Is All About. 

Firstly, Talking About Me, Am A Religious person, I Love God, I Love Christian Music, But At The Same Time, I Love Some Good Rap Music, I Love More Of  Electric Music, Yeah That Marshmello, Who Does Not Love marshmello Kinds of music?, Those Are Good Music In My Own Perspective. Not Only marshmello Music Thou, Alan Walker Music Too Are Good Music Which people, Can Listen To And Feel The Message It letting Out. 
But Wait, Are They Good Rap Music, You Can Listen To Without Hearing All Such of nasty Words And Corrupts Word, The Answer is Yes, They Are Good Rap music. For Example Dj Khaled Music, Listening To That Famous American Producer, You Can Testify That His Music Are Awesome, While Lil Wayne, Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi vert, Dadbaby, And Many Artist Who Sing Shit That Makes People Loos Their Life For Material Things Instead Of Motivating Them. 
These Rappers I Just Mention Have Got So Many Young People Or Upcoming Rapers, To Sell Their Soul  To The Devil, All because Of Money, Cars, Firm, And Many Material Things That Don’t Even Worth Your Life Talk More Of Your Soul.
The late XXX Tentancion, Once Said, Though This Young Rapper Was Living A Rough Life, He Said He Want  His Music To Create A Positive Vibe To His Fans, And People Who Listen To His Music. Talking About Bitches, Money, Cars, Stacks, And All Those Things That Doesn’t Matter, Makes Everyone including Me To Draw To Conclusion That The Rap Industry Is Evil. 
That Why Is Hard To Find Good Music Which Is Unleashed Recently To Appear In Billboard. It Very hard Before You Can See That. What Is The Secret? If You Ask Me, Seeing Dababy Songs Post Malone Songs, Even The late Juice WRLD Songs Appears On Billboard Severally Does Mean They Are Too Good, The Secret There Or Should I Say The Reason Why This Artist Music Appears On Billboard Within A Couple Weeks After it Has been Released, It Because These rappers Sold Their Soul For The Devil, To get All The Firm They Want.

How Rappers Sold Their Souls To The Devil

Here Comes The Question,  How Dose Rappers Sell Their Souls To The Devil? You Might Be Wondering How, I Will Tell You How. 

But First Have You Ask Your Self This Question Why Dose Majority Of Rappers Talks More About Hoes, Bitches, Cars And Money, Why Do They Show Off Their Luxury Things On Instagram To Their Fans instead Of Showing How They Are Going To Church or Things Related To God. 

The Same Way God Want Us To Do His Work, Is Just The Same Way Satan Known As The Devil Want Us To Do Things That Are Of Him. Obviously These Rappers Are Doing What The Devil Asked Them To Do, But What I Don’t Know Is, If They Are Aware of What They Are Doing Or If They Are Not In Their Normal Scenes, I Just Can’t Tell. 

Signing A Record Deal Is The Most Powerful Way Rappers Sell Their Sold Soul, Happiness And Joy To The Devil, That Why You Some Rappers Despite The Facts The Have All The Riches Given TO The By The Devil They Find No Happiness At All. They Are Kill Themselves And At A Point The Regret The Never Sign The Record Deal At All. 

Rappers In Our Generation Die very Young, Just Like XXX Tentancion, Juice WRLD, And Other Rappers Die At A Very Young Age, And Their Cause Of Death Ain’t Noting More Than Drugs, Suicide, Murder. 

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Cardi B And YFN Made  A Live Video Concerning How The Rap Industry Is Evil, How People Hate Behind Your Back And Smile At You When The See You, Cardi B Said She Is Really Scared Cause She Doesn’t Even Know Who Truly Loves Her, 

YK Osiris The Young American Rapper Who is Actually From Jacksonville Made A Video Of How Evil The Music Industry Can Be.

Right In The Video He Made Mention Of How People keep Saying That The Music Industry is A God Blessings Which he Clarifies That It Not A God Blessings rather It Is A Blessing From The Devil, This Young Artist Gain His Popularity With The Song Which Was A Freestyle Titled “I’m Next”.

Later On, He Then Added That God Does Not Like Those Artist Who Are In The Music Business, Also God Does Not Like Those Artist Who Always Talks About Cars, Cloth And Hoes, Which Really Got People Thinking What He Was Actually up to, Well The Music Industry Happens To Be A Dark Side Which Has Been Made Known By The Young Artist YK Osiris.

On The Other side, Cardi Also Made A Vidoe Concerning The Music Industry, Telling Her Fans How Evil This Industry Could Be, It Just So Sad To Hear Various Artist Talks About How Evil The Music Industry Could Be And The Blessing Which Is From The Devil, It Really Scaring Those Upcoming Artist Away, Who Have Dreams To Be In The Music Industry.

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Am Not Trying To Make This Article Looks A Religious Topic, But Looking At What YK Osiris Said, He Is Definitely Saying The Truth. The Rap Industry Seems To Push Up Songs That Talk About Killing, Drugs And All Of That Trash That Is Not Just Useful Just So People Out There Can Useless Their Lives

I Guess This Article helps You To Make The Right Choice In Life And Be Different, They Are Good Rap Musics Out There That Are Got Deep Meaning And Can Change Your Life Totally, Rappers Like Joyner Lucas, Dax And Many More Have Showed The World How Different They Can Be When It Comes To The Lyrics In Their Music.

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