WandaVision Reaction: Critic Say WandaVision Is “Weird As Hell” But In A Good Way

WandaVision Reaction: Critic Say WandaVision Is "Weird As Hell" But In A Good Way

The First Reaction WandaVision Ever Got Was So Hillarious. It Sounds Like The Show Was Unlikely Anything Marvel Studio Has Tender Before Due To The Response Reviewers Gave Back.

The Series Happens To Be The First Original Marvel Show To Arrive On Streaming Service Disney Featuring Stars Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany As Superheros Of WandaVision. 

Just As We All Know There Are Response About Wanda MaximoffWe Have Here, Few of Them Are listed Below, Which You Can See, However, The Series Has Been Described As Part Of Classic Sitcom As Well As Part Of Marvel Epic. 

Marvel Has Made Three Episode Available To Reviewers Ahead Of Its Debut On Friday (15 January 2021), Fans Have Been Treated To Early Reactions To The Show, With One Reviewer Calling The Series “Weird As Hell (in a good way)”.

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#WandaVision is truly unlike anything the MCU has put out before. I can’t emphasize that enough. It is a blast to watch. It is so committed to the sitcom structure of story telling that it feels like a bold risk - but it pays off and builds a mystery. It is awesome.
Dorian Parks
Dorian Parks
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Watched 3 episodes of #WandaVision and the show is weird as hell (in a good way). Two things are clear. 1) Marvel is dedicated to parodying classic sitcoms and 2) the MCU is finally back! Can’t wait to see how this show sets up Doctor Strange 2 and Spider-Man 3 👀
Courtney Howard
Courtney Howard
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The first 3 episodes of #WandaVision are the legit business. A funny, sharply-tuned knockout. Will satiate the tastes of sitcom & superhero fans, especially when it spoofs the conventional. Paul Bettany & Elizabeth Olsen are great, but Teyonah Parris & Kathryn Hahn are HIGHlights

Indiewire’s Kristen Lopez agreed, commenting: “Three episodes into #WandaVision and I. Am. Hooked. Not only is the series a loving recreation of classic television shows (everything beautiful), but the story is so compelling.”

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