Watch Video | Shaughna Cries As Callum flirt With The New Girl Molly In Casa Amor

Shaughna Cries

Shaughna Cries | Why??

Love Island, Shaughna Phillips Cried Bitterly Cause Callum Jones Failed To Leave Behind A Gift For Her, Just Before Heading To Casa Amor On Monday’s Love Island  [WATCH VIDEO]. The Show Was Actually Opened With Jess Gale Sharing The Sofa With Mike Boateng after the VIP hostess called it quits with Luke Mabbott. 

When Cuddling Each Other Jess Told Mike That ” feel it’s good that now everything is out in the open, I rather be alone than in a forced couple.” Just Few Moment Later, The Boys Were Required TO Sneak Out Of The Main Villa And Take Off Secretly To Casa Amor, Just After Shaughna Discovered Their Departure Shaughna quickly became overwhelmed as she Lamenting Saying “He left me nothing, are you joking? I think I’m going to cry, I’m not even joking. It’s just s***. I go for the idiots all the time.” 

Tears Dropped From Her Eyes And Wiping Away Her Tears She Said “We’re like an old married couple. He’s not going to thinking about his wife at home. It’s just annoying. I come in here to seek the opposite of what I’ve had in the past, it’s all the same.” [Read More]

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